Oh, Christmas Tree.

Alright, confession time. In the 5 1/2 years that I and Chad have been married, we have set up a Christmas Tree once in our home. Horrible, I know! To justify it, we have so much family so close that we don't really celebrate Christmas or even Christmas Eve at our home because we are with family. I know that's a lame excuse but it's the truth. Additionally, our apartment is PACKED, especially now that we have Geddy boy--we just don't have the space for a big tree and lots of decorations. 

Being Geddy's first Christmas, I have Mama guilt because I have nothing festive up. So I have been on the prowl for some cute ideas and so I began perusing Pinterest for some alternatives to a large Christmas tree. I found some really cool and unique ideas.

LOVE this one but it's too much work. Via.
Unique and artistic. Via
Love it but don't have a chalk wall :( Via.
I actually like the wood and the lights. Via.
Simple and cute. Like the incorporation of lights. Via.
Love the stick tree on the left. Simple and good use of ornaments. Via.

So, ultimately, I am going to put my best efforts towards decorating but...it looks like some hard work. We will see what happens, if I create something and I actually like it, I will post about it but we will see :)

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

I saw you pinning these and figured you were looking for a festive fix. I love the chalkboard one, wow! People are so creative! I'm sure you'll think of something. :)