One Year Older...

Today is my Birthday. Birthdays are always a day full of reflection for me. I am Older, therefore I have finished another year of my life and am 1 year closer to death. Ha, this sounds so grim but I don't mean it to be!

I was asked a few times about how I felt about turning 26. My response is "Good, I feel good about it". I have never been one who fears getting older and getting wrinkles. There is beauty in aging. Plus, I feel like I have accomplished a lot in my life thus far and have the people in my life that I want around.

Dear year 25, I learned so much. I became a Mother and went through some of the hardest trials I have ever experienced and overall, I came out on top (with help from the Lord and loved ones, of course). I did well enough that my little dude will be turning one next month! Surviving the first year of Motherhood is an accomplishment in itself!

Overall, I am thrilled with my life thus far. Some things didn't go quite as planned but it all turned out great. And I like the woman I am turning into. I am progressing and constantly discovering new facets in myself. I am getting closer to who I want to be.

Before I realize it, the day will arrive where my children are raised and I am left with a house full of pups and I have silver hair with lots of silver jewelry on my fingers and wrists and I still wear chuck converse with my funny, old, wise crack of a husband, Chad, by my side. We will be hippy-tastic and quite the pair.

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

Happy Birthday! I love the description of what an old you will look like. I will most definitely be rocking the poofy globe style with hopefully snow white hair a la Cloween Leuze.