Our Wall Christmas Tree

So, I recently posted about my lameness of not putting an actual tree up in our place for the last several years. I finally felt like I really needed to do something festive so that I could be a remotely fun Mom. 

It's simple, I didn't want to spend money and even more so, I didn't want it to take a ton of time so I just got crafty and cut out some bits and pieces and Voila! I am pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Its simple but festive. Also, it's up high so Geddy can't get to it because I know it would just get destroyed if it was within his grasp.

And Lastly, lights! We love snuggling up and watching a movie with just the Christmas lights on. Its fun. And we have started listening to Christmas music while making dinner or in the car. That makes everything more festive.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

Love it! You did a great job! It was so nice to talk to you yesterday. I really, really, really wish we lived closer. :) By the way, I sent you a b-day card, so hopefully it will be arriving soon!

Chad de Lisle said...

This is my favorite tree I've ever had!