Pop of Color

So, with December being both Christmas and my Birthday month, I have to plan out the things that I am looking for. This is my chance to get the items I have been pining after and haven't been able to snatch.

One item in particular is a pair of bright pink-ish platform wedges. Specifically with a closed toe so that they are winter friendly. And why such a specific color? I wanted something bright that could stand out while wearing lots of gray and black (which I commonly wear during the winter). Also, I don't have any heels that color so I thought it would be fun.  


Another requirement was that I didn't want them to be super expensive. Being on a budget for Christmas/Birthday I wanted to get as much bang for my buck. Once I began my search, I quickly found what I was looking for on Amazon.com. I looked elsewhere but most items were more expensive than I desired. I found this pair for $25. Totally in my budget but they are by no means fine leather. Definitely faux. I received them in the mail just yesterday and the color is fantastic but they are definitely not the best quality. Will they work for my purposes? Yes, for sure.

The only bummer is, I have to wait to wear them until my Birthday. Boo.

Also, I saw this little article about Gweneth Paltrow choosing Motherhood over Hollywood. It was nice, I liked it.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

Soooo cute! I purchased a hot pink cardigan the other day and I love the splash of color it adds to the gray winter world.

Chad de Lisle said...

Maybe you can wear them before your birthday... lets make an accord: Present for Present-- Every early gift you get, I get one of my gifts early. Deal? Deal. Case Closed.