This and That and the Ghost of Gregory

Okay, so, this is weird. The past little while, I have felt slightly haunted by Gregory. For those who are new to this blog, Gregory is the given name of my C-Section incision. I gave it a name because it took 6 unbelievable months to heal. The past several weeks, I have been experiencing a little bit of deja vu because I will have moments where I can remember the discomfort of the incision be scraped and pokes and it gives me shivers. I am almost reliving it but I know it's not real. 

I don't experience actual, realistic pain, currently but I can remember how it felt and its driving me crazy. I have had a few conversations with people recently about what I would like to do with my next delivery and I have felt so perplexed. I've heard terrifying stories about trying to do a VBAC (did I even word that correctly?) and the horrible complications that can occur for the baby and mother and it scares me. Then I consider being cut open again and that horrifies me too. LUCKILY, I won't have to decide anytime soon because *I am not pregnant and will not be pregnant anytime soon*. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble :) I feel like I am experiencing a phantom limb. Where I think the unhealed incision is still there and I can feel it but I know that its no longer there. I may just be going crazy. It's probably just sheer insanity.

On a different more random note, I know that I have share how much Geddy loves babies. He squeals with delight when he sees them in the grocery store or even sees a picture of himself. I love that about him. So, for Christmas I found a board book that is just babies making different facial expressions. I ordered one on Amazon (of course) and when it arrived, I couldn't help but share it with him. Our little dude was beyond thrilled. He smiled at each page and screamed almost as to say "hi" to the little faces on the pages.

My favorite page. So cute. 

It was a huge success. So much so, that today I officially let him have this Christmas gift early. I am so bad at this! Chad has received three of his gifts early and Geddy has now received one. I have got to stop being such a push over!

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

Christmas presents already? You are such a pushover! That cracks me up! Ty would never, ever, ever give me a gift early.