1 Year Old!

The very first picture of Geddy. He was only minutes old. Then he was whisked away.

We did it folks! We made it to 1 year. What an incredible year it has been. The time FLEW by. I can't believe it has already arrived. Geddy is at such a fun and charming age. He smiles, laughs, and loves to have fun. Our Little Dude is very pleasant, he can stay awake for a good amount of time and is really a joy to be around.

Geddy Boy at 1 Year Old!

Some of Geddy's favorite activities include:
* Eating: Spaghetti, Mac n' Cheese, Yogurt, Cheese, Fruit Snacks, Fajitas, Mashed Potatoes, everything.
* Jumping on anything soft. Especially the couch and bed. He loves to be tossed around by Daddy.
* Being tickled. He is ticklish on his ribs, feet, neck and back. So basically everywhere.
* Drinking bottles of Whole Milk. This is one of my favorite things too. No more formula, it's ridiculously expensive.
* Bath Time
* Playtime with Daddy. Especially wrestling.
* Babies. He loves seeing babies and children. Geddy is also a particular fan of photos of himself.
* His pup/big sissy.

Things he hates:
* Getting his diaper changed.
* Putting on his coat.
* Putting on his socks. Basically getting dressed of any kind.
* Waiting for food to be served. He does a lot of screaming and shouting.
* Being taken off of our big bed that he loves to jump on. He will throw a fit.
* Getting his fingernails clipped.

Action shot. Geddy walking.
Walking with an XBox Controller.

Geddy still is not speaking. At all. He will babble and mimic noises like clicking his tongue or making popping noises with his lips but no cohesive words. Geddy mimics us when we shake our heads no. Little Dude is walking everywhere. He takes lots of steps but still stumbles quite a bit. He really loves it and is getting better each day.

Our Mister still loves reading. We do it every morning and it is literally the only time during the day when he will sit still. He is constantly moving and busy. We now enjoy taking Geddy places like restaurants and to see family and friends. He has learned his high chair skills so its easier to go out with him. Our Boy is especially friendly. He loves people and will often lean towards them so that they will hold him. I don't know if that is a permanent thing but he has always enjoyed people. He also really likes toys with little faces. Geddy becomes very focused when he sees their tiny faces.


He now has his two top teeth and two bottom teeth. He has been surprisingly healthy this winter. We haven't run into any colds or sicknesses (knock on wood!) but have had some sore teething days.


Every morning when we wake up, Geddy looks at his shelf by his crib and waves to his little stuffed animal buddy, Totoro. Then I sing the Totoro song and hand it to him and he twitches happily and snuggles him. Its adorable.

This year has truly been incredible. I am so grateful for this little boy. He is my everything.

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday Geddy!!



Haley said...

Geddy is a stud! I love his blue, blue eyes and those square baby teeth. Happy Birthday, Geddy!

Chad de Lisle said...

I can't believe how much he looks like you HIL!