An Explanation


I am here to explain my absence. It's been nearly a week since I last posted, that's the longest amount of time...in a long time. I just haven't been feeling quite like myself lately. To be honest, I have been a little depressed. Not sure why but it's been kind of a bummer and because I have felt bummed out, I was definitely not feeling inspired to write anything.

I think that there is a combination to my gloominess. First off, I love Winter. I prefer cold over hot any day but these frigid temperatures of 10 degrees in the AFTERNOON are ridiculous. 10 degrees is not a decent temperature to take my pup and baby on a walk. I dare say I may be experiencing some winter blues. Boo! Even with the cold temperatures and lack of walks, our Pup has been an angel though. Shockingly so. I have been super impressed by her sweet temperament even though she has been so pent up. I also wondered if I was experiencing some postpartum depression (apparently it can happen even a year after the birth).

Geddy has refused afternoon naps as well. I would try and put him down in the afternoon but he would be awake shouting and banging on the walls and jumping in his crib. It truly wears on you after a while. Though he didn't change his ways this afternoon, it didn't bother me as much because he took a huge nap this morning.

Today was the first day where I felt more like myself. I was happy to multitask by playing with Geddy while throwing a dog toy across the room. I actually thought about what to make for my own lunch (I always try and make sure Geddy eats well, of course). We laughed and played and it was joyous. It also helps that Chad gave me a blessing. That always helps.

There you have it. I am hoping I feel more chipper in my days to come. I suppose we will see.

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

Well, I am very familiar with both winter blues and postpartum depression, so if you ever need a sympathetic ear, I'm all yours. :) Hopefully your happy afternoon is a sign of many more good days to come!