Apartment Life

We have lived in our apartment for roughly 3 1/2 years now. It's a small 2 bedroom apartment with no washer and dryer. However it DOES have a dishwasher which is, alone, a gift. I am pretty sure I have recently blogged about his but I really love our place. We are, however, growing out of it RAPIDLY. Since Geddy was born, I feel like things are coming out of our ears. We are constantly trying to throw useless things out or donate them but we are still crammed.

We have a really tall bed frame so we have always stored things under there but it's getting to the point where we have things peaking out form under our bed. So tacky, ack! So, needless to say, I am eager to find a new place. I love being a stay at home Mama but with these disgustingly cold temperatures and being inside all day, I am ready to stretch my wings JUST a little bit.

I come from a VERY practical family. Probably the most practical ever. I am dead serious, you should meet my wonderful parents. With me being raised by such level headed and practical parents, I have been taught the value of practicality but to be honest, I have a really strong "free spirit" coursing through my body. I was a weird little kid and have always been kinda "different". So, I have a constant battle between practicality and dreaming of absolute awesomeness. 

Now, to the point (sorry, I just keep babbling and babbling). As I have been dreaming of a slightly bigger apartment (I am praying for a 3rd bedroom and washer/dryer hookups) but the dreamer in me is really dreaming of a huge, organized, closet. The kind that let's me walk into it and twirl with my arms open wide. Isn't that every girl's desire? It's certainly not a priority and probably wouldn't be an option in our price range but a girl can dream!

So, here are some things that I found on Pinterest (the best time waster EVER) to make me want something that we are just not ready to have. But why not have some fun?

Love the wallpaper.
Hanging pictures for inspiration. Lots of hanging space.
Of course, this is just amazing.
Again, cool wallpaper. Neat Picture.

AND my very favorite...

Love the shelf above the door. Brilliant! Adore
the white with the olive green pop. And look
at those shoe shelves, drool.

Happy Dreaming and Happy Wednesday!



Giovanna said...

Fun inspo! The last closet is definitely my fave too!


Haley said...

I love, love, love that first one. Someday.