Celebrating 1 Year

Geddy's Birthday fell on a Thursday this year. Unfortunately, it was a day where Chad had work and then school until about 8 pm which means Geddy is asleep by the time he gets home. I still wanted to do something special for Geddy because it's officially his day but I didn't want Chad to miss out on the big stuff.

His poor skin. We lotion and lotion but the harsh cold makes his skin so dry.

First off, we all woke up at about 7 am. First thing I did when I saw Geddy was sing Happy Birthday to him. Chad got ready for work real quick and before Chad left we all opened one of Geddy's presents together. That way Chad didn't miss out on anything. Geddy really loved his toy. We are especially grateful for the gift cards we got this Christmas because that was what paid for Geddy's gifts. Hooray for poor college students! 

Melissa and Doug Bug Jug Spill and Fill. Longest name ever.

After Chad left, I made Geddy his breakfast which included egg, english muffin, and pears. With of course, some juice. We then got down and played with our new toy. Our good friend suggested the Melissa and Doug Bug Jug which Geddy loved. He adores the little bugs and they are perfect size for baby hands. Score. I waited to open his second present until Chad got home in between work and class. He is only home for about 20 minutes so we opened his second present during that small window of time. I actually LOVED splitting up the gifts and am considering making it a tradition. That way, the little ones have something to look forward to throughout the whole day while still getting little tastes of excitement and things to play with. I feel like it makes the whole day special and exciting.

Walking everywhere. Look at that face.

After we played for a bit, he then took a bottle and went down for his first nap. Which means I did too. He took an amazing nap (2 full hours, yes!) and awoke to a yummy lunch. Mac n' Cheese (with yogurt, pears, and green beans)! I felt like it was Birthday appropriate. He ate his tasty processed lunch and then we played a bit more. This was when we got really fuss though so we went out for a walk with the pup. 

Too much fun can make for a fussy dude.

Upon our arrival home, we played some more, took a bottle and went down for a second nap. When he woke up, Daddy came home and we opened our second gift and ate a quick dinner. His second gift was the Fisher Price Noah's Arc. He too adored the little animals and Noah that came with this one. Nothing fancy for dinner but we did have some brownies for dessert! We are planning on doing the actual Birthday cake on Saturday so that Chad could be there. That was a specific request from the Daddy Bear that I fully respect. We also intend to do a big party with family and friends later this month.

Pretty decent looking banner!

We made this banner for Geddy and I am actually really pleased with it! It turned out better than expected. Chad did the writing because my handwriting is really unpredictable. Every once in a while I actually like the crafts that I make, not always but sometimes. 

It was a special day. Quiet and calm but I feel like he was happy and a little spoiled. The entire day I said prayers of gratitude for this little wondrous boy. He is so incredible.

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

You are such a good mama! I love the idea of distributing the gifts throughout the day. There is always a post-gift letdown on birthdays, but by spreading them out the day feels magical all day long. Also, that tractor on his shirt looks awfully green. I hope it's a Deere. :)