It's Time To Let It Go


After a pretty rough week, I am entirely prepared to just let it go. I want it to be over and done with. Things have actually gotten better the past few days but it still left a foul taste in my mouth. To be honest, I am really ready for January to be done. I need a fresh new month. I welcome February with open arms.

And Valentine's Day too! I used to really hate Valentine's because I thought it was mushy and pointless but now that I have become a Mama and Wife, it's really nice having a special day to celebrate the love I have for my spouse. It makes us slow down and celebrate love.

Happy Friday and Wonderful Weekend!



Haley said...

February is almost here! Valentine's, Lincoln's birthday, my birthday ... it's like a non-stop party!

Danielle said...

Yesss! I really love Valentine's Day. Yay February. <3