I stole this from my big Sister. I have another post for tomorrow too so...stay tuned!

listening too ... a fan and my pup snoring. It's the evening and the babe is already down for the night. Blessed be. 

eating ... the last thing I ate was an ice cream cone. It was one of those nights where Chad was at class really late and I needed to get out so I buckled the boy up after dinner and we hit the Dairy Queen. 

reading ... Catcher in the Rye. I started this one a while back and recently delved back into it. I am about half way through and really enjoying it. 

wearing ... a gigantic hoody and sweat pants from Walmart. At least I am wearing Mascara.

feeling ... fine. Just chill.

weather ... freezing. It has literally been snowing all day.

wanting ... to be able to go for daily walks again. I miss it. So does my lady pup.

needing ... to work out. I have become lazy for quite some time now and I just don't feel great. We'll see...

thinking ... I have been frustrated lately because I feel like I can't express myself the way that I want to. It's almost as if I can't find the words that make sense. It's caused some frustration with my blogging as well. Maybe it's writers block? I have so many thoughts. It's nuts!

enjoying ... watching Geddy grow. Today he clapped for the first time on his own. I'm pretty sure he should have been doing that earlier but he didn't. He chose to do it today. And I was so excited. And so was he :)

Happy Tuesday!


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