Let Him Eat Cake!

As mentioned in my previous post, we waited for Geddy to eat his "Birthday Cake" until Chad was home. We just did cupcakes because we plan on doing a real party for him later this Month. 

I was lame and did a box cake. But it was that rainbow/sprinkle cake and frosting that is crazy delicious. You know, the kind that hurts your teeth because its so sweet. Yum.

I made sure to feed him his dinner beforehand so he looks a bit of a mess already. Once we handed him the cupcake, he had it finished in 3 minutes. With no hesitation, he picked up that cupcake and took a big ol' bite out of it. He was PUMPED. Fist fulls of cake and frosting followed until it was completely gone. I actually felt guilty that I didn't have a bigger cupcake or more to give him because it was over so quickly. I wish I could say that Geddy had never had cake or sugar before this day but that would be a blatant lie.

I, yet again, forgot to take his shirt off! I never remember to do that. So, he was stripped down and thrown in the bath after while his shirt was doused in Spray N' Wash. For real.

TOTALLY satisfied.

It was a giant success. We recorded it as well so we will have that too. So fun. 1 year olds are such a blast, what a great age.

Happy Tuesday!



Haley said...

I LOVE that middle picture where his mouth is gushing with cupcake and he's smiling so hard his eyes are closed. That is one happy boy!

Alysha and Jason Whiting said...

What gorgeous eyes! Cute kid!