Shoe of the Day!

I recently got a pair of heeled ankle boots. They are super cute and easily made casual. I absolutely loved them but this winter introduced a whole new world of ice. I kid you not, the front of our apartment was practically a hockey rink. I have never seen so much ice in Utah. It's been insane. So, I have kept the heels in hiding as to not make a fool or injure myself. 

I can't tell you how many times I have reached for those little heeled ankle boots and then remembered that it was a danger zone out there. That's when I decided that a flat ankle boot would be a comfortable alternative to anything heeled. So, for Christmas, I found some really cheap ankle boots that I loved.


I especially love the buckles on the back. They are faux leather so I don't feel guilty if they get a bit wet. I think I paid about $30 for them. Since purchasing, I have worn them all over the place. Most often I pair them with skinny jeans, which I cuff and then wear brightly colored or patterned socks (which I steal from my spouse). It's quite a handsome look, I really love it.

Happy Thursday!


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