Baby, It's Cold Outside

One would suppose that this post is a Christmas post because of the title but do not be fooled. It's January and dang cold. So we have been staying in a lot. Which means getting creative with entertainment. Lots of jumping on the couch, harassing pup, and jumping on the big bed. 

I know that I have written about Geddy's sincere love for jumping on our bed. He will even become upset when we pull him off. Well, Tuesday was no different. While I was taking picture of some shoes for a shoe of the day post, Geddy demanded to be brought up on the bed. With the lighting being so lovely and all, I thought some pictures should be taken. And yes, we were both still in our jammies. That's what we do when it snows all day. Don't judge. 

This pup needs a haircut.
He bonked his head on our medal head board which made him cry :( 
Concentrating on a pink hair clip that he found. 

He REALLY loves jumping on the big bed (always supervised, of course).

Hiding in the blanket.

Happy Friday!



Haley said...

Lov those square little teeth! I just can't resist a toothy grin on a bald little "baby."

Chad de Lisle said...

These pics are awesome! I wish I was there to chase him around!