Black, White and Infinity Shades of Gray

Man 2013 has been crazy. And I have struggled. Been giving it the middle finger the past week and I just feel smutty. Yucky. Gross. I have been so pessimistic which is WEIRD. I am often times unrealistically optimistic but lately have been a total downer. I don't really know what this post is suppose to be. I am just writing everything that comes to mind. I apologize for being annoying and talking about how much I have struggled. But I write about my life and that's been going on. I keep it real folks. This is not a place to portray anything unrealistic. I keep it real. 

This Sunday, every talk in church was directed to me. Being grateful. Um Hello, I didn't have to wonder the wilderness and watch every one of my young children die. Nor did I have to crawl through the snow at some points because my feet were frozen. Yet, I continue to gripe about how frustrated I am over this and that. GET OVER IT de Lisle.

Also, I have become completely opposed to the idea that everything is black and white. As I grow older and ever so wise in my life (pffft) I truly recognize that most things are a mucky shade of gray. There are two sides to every argument and few things are crystal clear. Some but not all.

Geddy is the most resilient boy in all the land. And Bobbie is the most resilient Pup in all the land. They are both beautiful and forgiving. Even of each other.

Chad is the best.

Bad days happen. Heck, bad months happen. But it will pass. And I will chuckle at my frivolity in time. But until then, here is a beautiful poem.

Some days must be dark and dreary. We just have to ride them out. Plus, those days make the sunny ones all the more fantastic. 

Happy...what day is it? Tuesday?



Chad de Lisle said...

Great poem. Love you boo.

Haley said...

What a beautiful poem. So sorry that it's been a bad ... well ... year. But yes, I think that's common. Then you'll go through several months where everything is just dandy. Just you wait!