Geddy Update

I have decided to continue doing monthly updates on Geddy but won't be counting the months because I hate using the terms "14 Months, 18 Months, 23 Months". After they turn one I prefer just saying they are 1, 1 1/2, or 2. No one wants to keep counting months that high. 

Little Dude is an absolute joy. One year old is a very charming age on him. He loves to play, laugh, eat, sleep, everything. And he is SO happy. When he wakes up in the morning he immediately starts playing until I have his breakfast ready. He brightens our day and is definitely a morning person.

This picture KILLS me. Where did my baby go?

Geddy still loves people. He is happy to see anyone that is happy to see him. He loves his Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts and Cousins. He just really likes people. His personality reminds me a lot of Chad. Everyone likes him and he is such a pleasant individual. I don't know if his peopleness will eventually change but as for now he likes em'!

Geddy eats lots of everything. He loves fruit: bananas, pineapple, strawberries, grapes, pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, anything sweet (just like his mama). He is okay with veggies, mainly preferring carrots and peas though. Does not like green beans, like, at all. He loves Mac N' Cheese, Fajitas, Tuna or PB&J Sandwiches. His favorite meal may have to be Spaghetti though. Little Dude is quite a dirty eater as well. I have to strip him down most of the time because he never ends up clean, even with a bib on!

Geddy still sleeps like a dream. We are talking 12 hours at night, a 2 hour nap in the morning and SOMETIMES an hour nap in the afternoon. The past two days however have been really weird with naps. Both days he refused to nap at all. I am thinking either a growth spurt or teething.

We LOVE signing time (Mama included). I have never seen him focus so much on a TV show, it's amazing. We started just a couple weeks ago so he hasn't picked up any signs yet but we try and use them through out the day. Here are a few other things that Geddy loves as of late:

LOVES Noah from his Fisher Price Noah's Arc
he got for his Birthday. Sorry, blurry. 
When he saw me taking a picture of his guy
he immediately took it from me (as pictured).
One of his favorite books lately. He loves the goofy looking dog in it.
Another current favorite. He made Chad read it 4 times in a row one night.
He loves his giant Chewbacca and Little Totoro! (Thanks Jon and Colin!)

-shares his drink. He wants who ever is holding him with his bottle to take a sip (he has even offered some to the pup).
-noisy toys. He knows which toys light up and make sounds so he will hand them to you so you can turn them on.
-if you are playing with a toy and then stop, he will get mad and grunt while handing the toy to you.
-he wants so badly to play with Bobbie. He will grab one of her toys and wag it at her but she is always really cautious with him so they haven't had a real good play. They have come really close but not quite yet.
-clapping. This boy loves to clap.

This picture also kills me! Geddy loves to gently poke Bobbie's feet. And she usually lets him. So tender!

-loves my toes. Geddy will get fixated on my toes and try and bite them. He loves them. I will even hide my feet and he will try and find them.
-has the STRANGEST infatuation with our plunger. Our bathroom is a "No No" zone. We have to keep the door shut at all times.
-Reading. We read every morning and when we are all done, he gets so upset. He wants you to read over and over and over again.
-Geddy still loves our bed and to jump and run on it. We have a clock that hangs above it that he KNOWS he isn't suppose to touch but every time he gets on his tippiest toes and gently pokes the bottom of it. Naughty.

We love you Little Dude!

Happy Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

These are some of my favorite pictures you've ever taken of Geddy!

Haley said...

Cute post. I love how you've documented these little details about Geddy. They are things you will forget, otherwise! I need to turn around a document my babes as well.