Oh, That Hair

So...I was pretty much bald until the age of 3. And when I did have hair come in it was sparse, to put it nicely. So, when Geddy came into the world with little hair, I wasn't surprised (you can check it out, here). Well, Geddy's hair is now coming in. At least, in the back. The top is still...working on it but the back is really doing better! He even has little tiny curls which was surprising to me as well (and cute as can be). 

I ADORE those little whispy curls. Speaking of hair, I FINALLY got a trim. It had been almost a year since I had it cut. YIKES. It was really needed and it feels great. I didn't do anything fancy, just a trim. I am attempting to grow it out...we'll see.

Happy Friday! It's the weekend, yahoo!


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