The Princess Pen Pal

My fantastic Sister-in-Law, Elizabeth (a former Elementary School Teacher), started a project called "The Princess Pen Pal". It's the CUTEST idea ever. What she does is writes letters to kids from their favorite Princess or Dinosaur. Parent's sign up and choose who they would like to receive a letter from and then she writes up a personalized note on adorable stationary. It could be such a fun surprise for the little ones! Then of course, the kids can reply to the letter and correspond back and forth with their favorite Princess or Dinosaur.

The beautiful Elizabeth of The Princess Pen Pal.

My niece has been obsessed with Rapunzel so, she mailed her a darling letter from this specific Princess and my niece went nuts over it! I thought it was such an amazing idea and can't wait until Geddy gets older so we can involve him in it too. Another amazing thing about the pen pals is that it encourages creativity and helps children practice their writing skills, in a fun way.

My niece Izzy with her personalized letter from Rapunzel!

I felt like this was such a fun idea and a sneaky way to practice life skills that a child must develop! Feel free to check out her website at PrincessPenPal.blogspot.comher Facebook page or email her at theprincesspenpal@gmail.com.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Pen Palling!


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Haley said...

Izzy still has that note from Rapunzel. So cute! Elizabeth looks gorgeous in that photo, too.