This Week and Something Nice

This last week was interesting. Chad has always had kind of a bad back. We haven't had any problems for about a year or so but it returned with a vengeance. He was icing a bunch, taking ibuprofen and sleeping on the living room floor. He has slept on the living room floor for the past three nights and will likely return there tonight. It's been both lonely sleeping in the bed by myself but also kinda luxurious. I can seriously sprawl. But I do miss him (I'm not a terrible wife!) Chad said that it was even uncomfortable to breath because his back was so tense and tight. Chad really couldn't bend or move much so I had to tend to both of them. Which I am happy to do but it does become wearing. 

This morning was kinda nice though. His back felt a bit BETTER, which we will happily take. Any improvement is welcome. He was feeling well enough that we could get to part of Stake Conference. It took place in the de Jong Concert Hall on Campus which is probably the worst location for a 1 year old to have to sit still. There was only room left on the balcony which is steep and only has stairs to walk on. Yikes. It was a death trap. It was actually quite humorous because the hallways were filled with parents and their toddlers, they too felt the danger.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, we have been doing better. Though this year (all 2 months of it) has been a challenge, the last few weeks have been more pleasant. We are still stressed but are handling it better. Even with Chad's back agony, we are doing well. I found this particular saying nice and have actually tried applying it to my daily routine. If something bad happens in the day, don't let it sour the remaining hours. It's not worth it. Just start your day over fresh. 

Happy Sunday!


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Haley said...

Oh the deJong concert hall. I had a class in there once and I would slide down in my chair and spend the entire period dosing. It was a delight. Now that I have two kids, I'm sure I'd do anything but sleep. :)