Valentine's Day

Apologies for the cell phone pictures, it's all I got!

Our actual Valentine's Day was really simple. Chad had class late so we didn't have any plans. I spent my day with my other little Valentine, Geddy. Because funds are a bit tight, we didn't buy gifts or anything. Rather, we made cards and shared words of admiration. It was actually really nice, it was a humble day just about love. I made Chad's card and also decorated a bit which, I was not planning on doing but once Geddy's nap came I felt inspired.

My homemade card for Chad.
My Valentine Banner.

On Saturday we celebrated our real Valentine's where we dropped Geddy off with Grumpa (Grandpa de Lisle) and went to lunch. We had gift cards to Cheesecake factory (because Jordy is the BEST, thank you!!) so we went and spoiled ourselves. We got Fried Mac N'Cheese, Steak (for myself), Pasta (for Chad) and of course, Cheesecake (not pictured). Best of all, we literally paid $10, tip included, out of pocket. Amazing. It was so nice.

We are so good looking, it's insane.
My Valentine.
I wore bright pink lipstick. You can't tell very well in the pics but it was fun.

Fried Mac N's Cheese. Sooooo good.
Chad's Louisiana Chicken Pasta. He loved it. 
My Steak and Fries. YUM. Whenever the waiter brings out the steak they always assume it's Chad's. NOPE.

Overall, it was an awesome Valentine's Day. Best of all, I have the most spectacular Valentine ever. Love ya Chad!

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

I am eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now and the pictures of your food makes me incredibly unsatisfied with my lousy lunch. Glad you guys had a fun afternoon out!