A Familiar Scene

Carrying around a crushed water bottle.  Sassy in his new outfit.
Still carrying the crushed water bottle. I couldn't get him to put it down.
Yep, eating a rock. Still got his bottle.

So, these pictures probably look a whole lot like the ones I took last week. They kind of are. Although it was much warmer which meant it was a short and t-shirt kind of day. Thank heaven it finally warmed up again! That weird chill that was going on last week was the worst. On a different note,  I have been so lucky to have purchased very few items of clothing for Geddy in his first year. I didn't have to because my sister-in-law was so generous with hand-me-downs as well as my mother-in-law providing clothing as well. I am so grateful for it!

Though I was grateful to not have to spend the money, I was super eager when I had to buy a few pieces for the boy a few weeks ago. Nothing fancy, just a few shorts and a couple shirts from Target. But it was exceedingly enjoyable to go and pick out his clothes myself. I already love fashion and shopping so even this little shopping spree got me giddy. Silly, right?

I tend to like children's clothes to just look like miniature adult clothing. But more of a nerdy vibe. I don't like anything too "sweet" for little boys (sorry Salt Water Sandals, your just not gonna happen). I bought 3 T-shirts for him: Batman, Marvel, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then a couple of striped T's as well. The little shoes that he is wearing is by far my favorite pair because they stay on his feet so well. They were hand me downs from my sister-in-law and have been such a life saver. The brand is "Puddle Jumpers", I believe. 

Fishy Faces with Grumpa.

Changing directions again (so subtle, right?), I love this picture of Geddy with his "Grumpa" (Grandpa de Lisle). He loves to mimic people and so he was copying Grumpa's fishy face. It's so cute to see his little facial muscles trying so hard to do the same thing that he is seeing. He loves his Grumpa so much.

Naughty ants.

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

Aaaaa! He looks so big! What a stud. You are a much more cool mom than I. If I see a shirt on sale, no matter how cheesy the saying, that's the one I buy. Geddy looks so handsome!