A Feminist


Now that it has warmed up nicely, our little family goes on evening walks almost every evening. It's one of the ways that we "make it" to bath time/bedtime. We hitch up the pup and pull out the stroller and go for a walk around our neighborhood. It is, truly, one of my all time favorite past times. We always have the best conversations about anything and everything (usually DND, books, movies, our day, etc). 

This last week, we started talking about what a Feminist is. What defines a Feminist? Chad has always found gender roles fascinating, so I like to get his insight on such topics. Though we didn't land on anything specific, I later saw this quote and thought it was fitting. Well said Virginia. 

Do you think you are a Feminist? Get it girl!

Happy Friday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I love that you're posting regularly again! I missed this so much! (a feminist is a woman who is defined by herself, not by others)

Jenna Christensen said...

I do love both of these definitions, but what's all this about a feminist only being a woman? I'd say a feminist is anyone who thinks women and men are people and should be treated as such.