A Success

Most days, as a stay at home mama, I feel unproductive. I mean, I was successfully able to keep my toddler fed, clean, and well...alive but sometimes I don't notice that success and look for more. But every once in a while, I have a day where I feel like Super Woman.

Today was one of those such days. I got a ton done and all before nap time (which is noon for us). It felt good, it's nice to have days where you check everything off of your list. So satisfying. Though this seems small, I wanted to document my little victory.

I was able to do the following before noon:

1. Fed breakfast to the boy and pup.
2. Walk the boy and pup.
3. Shower (yes, showering before noon is a HUGE victory for me)
4. Take the pup to the groomers.
5. Start a load of laundry at my in-laws.
6. Grocery shop at 2 different stores.
7. Pick up the pup from the groomers.
8. Fed the boy lunch.
9. Put the boy down for his nap!

Whamo! Awesome, huh? I am pretty proud. And I am so grateful to have our little lady pup groomed. She was starting to look pretty sad.

Happy Wednesday!


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Haley said...

She's looking sharp! What a sassy little thing.