Grandma Marie

Geddy with his wonderful Great Grandma Marie

I had a different post planned today but there are things far more important than apartment decor.

Chad's Grandmother passed away this morning. She was the toughest yet sweetest lady around and will forever be in our hearts. I am so grateful that Geddy had a chance to meet her, even if for a short time. She was a fighter and such an inspiration. We love you Marie! "I am Woman!"

Respectful Saturday!


**It snowed this morning. It's technically Spring but it snowed. I have always found snow very peaceful and find it almost fitting that a calm blanket of white is covering our Earth on such a day.


Amanda said...

I'm so sorry!

Haley said...

So sorry for Chad's family. I hope that this was a sweet passing and that you guys can enjoy all of the wonderful memories you have of her.