Survival Man

If there is one thing that Geddy loves, it's being outside and playing like a big boy. If we are carrying him while outside, he wiggles until we put him down. And when it's time to go inside, there is quite the fuss. He screams and sometimes throws himself to the ground. It's very theatrical.

I wouldn't say that Geddy likes to go for "walks", he likes to explore. This often means that we stray from the sidewalk and end up in dirt and grass, clutching sticks and rocks (which usually go into his mouth). Geddy also prefers to walk AWAY from you.  I probably took 25 pictures while we were out and 90% of them were of his back because he wouldn't face me.

Geddy is particularly interested in the little details. He will stop and crouch down to get a good look at an ant. Little dude is also highly interested in large tires. He was desperate to get across the street the other day to check out a tractor's tires and was not pleased with my refusal.

In other news, our schedule has changed and I have hated it. Geddy still sleeps 12 hours at night (which I am forever grateful for) but now refuses to nap in the mornings so we are down to 1 nap a day. That means this Mama is trying to adjust to a later naptime and am trying to wean herself from naps as well. Yes, you read that right, I am weaning myself from naps.  Deal with it.

Little Dude also has a third tooth on the bottom! He has been teething for a while and it's always a relief to see one  pop through. We are expecting some up top any day now. You can tell they are there and ready to sprout! Geddy is still not speaking but does a few signs. He will do a funny sign for juice where he just rolls his wrist. He also knows the sign for more (it just ends up as a clap but still) and of course, he knows the sign for milk. Oh how he loves his milk!

We sure love this Little Dude, it ridiculous.

Happy Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I love his outfit! these pics are amazing!

Zach Stewart said...

What a stud. He will kill many a deer.

Haley said...

What great photos. So crystal clear and bright. Abby does the same thing now about WALKING when we're outside. The only problem is we're on the third floor. Which means she wants to walk down two flights of stairs. Riiiigggght...