A Little Something About Me

Yesterday was the weirdest day ever. Lots of highs and lows. Geddy had a yucky fever so he didn't sleep well. And when he was asleep I was worried about him the whole time which made me have stress dreams. The one I remember was about me owning 5 dogs but I was failing to take care for them properly so someone took one of them and I was twisted with guilt. Just awful stuff.

This morning was equally rough. Though Geddy's fever is gone, he is in the rarest sorts. I would be lying if I said that I haven't cried a little bit. But oh well, I am sure it's only a phase and it will be over before I know it. Let's discuss something a little more pleasant.

All growing up, I was really athletic (surprising, huh?). I played softball, basketball, and swim team in Jr. High and played basketball and tennis in high school. I really loved it. I wouldn't say I was the best on the team but I enjoyed my time and shocked everyone with my lanky limbs (surprise stuffs all around!). Plus, it was something that I got to do with my Father. He taught me everything that I know about sports. He never missed any of my games and was always proud of me. I get really tender thinking about it. The summer of my sophomore year I would have swim team in the morning, then me and my big sis would play a casual game of tennis and then I would go to basketball camp, that was my day. It was pretty nuts, I never realized how fit I was or how incredible I felt (until I grew up and had a kid, ha).

Not only did I enjoy playing sports but I also liked watching/following them. I remember I loved Allen Iverson while he was on the 76ers and Vince Carter on the Raptors. I recall being crushed when the Jazz lost to the Bulls during the 1998 NBA Finals. I adored Venus Williams and watching tennis all the time in the summers. But I also grew to love Baseball.

Baseball will forever remind me of my Father (and basketball). He introduced me to watching the game on Saturdays and following the scores in the newspapers (we never had cable so that was the best way to stay caught up). My Dad really liked the Yankees which was passed down to me. I liked them so much so, that in 9th grade when they lost the world series, I called my Dad on the phone crying (he was out of town). I was pretty into it. I had newspaper clippings hung on my wall. My friend even bought me an Alfonso Soriano figurine for my Birthday because he was my favorite player on the team.

The Yankees that I knew.
Soriano being awesome.

As I got older, I started dating boys who were more into music than sports (yes, I blame them). Which was fine but I totally fell out of the loop. Luckily, I married a boy who is a huge baseball fan. He was raised with a Father who was an incredibly talented athlete in his day and shared his passion for the sport with his 3 boys. It's tradition for them to get together on conference weekend and play catch or "Balf". I can't wait for Geddy to be old enough to join in with them.

Last night, we sat down and watched the Yankees play the Orioles. We watched the whole game from start to finish. It had been way too long since we had done that and it felt so remarkably good. It is such a relaxing sport to watch, in my opinion. I have so much catching up to do though! I tried to soak in as much as possible as Chad and Aj talked stats and different teams. What a delightful past time. It made me want so badly to go to an actual game and sit in the stands for hours and just soak it up. What an excellent sport.

Happy Monday!



Chad de Lisle said...

Baseball is the de Lisle pastime!

Haley said...

I remember watching one particular Yankees/Braves playoff game with Dad and it went far into the night. It went into 14 innings or something crazy. What a wonderful memory with my papa.