I was dying to see this movie right when I saw the first preview. It was one of those previews where I got teary eyed and could relate to it. Stupid, I know. But come on, it's about a young, wild hearted, girl who uses a bow and rides a Clydesdale. Um, amazing.

Anyway, I really liked it in a lot of ways, though it wasn't exactly what I expected. I don't really understand why they call it "Brave". Rather than it being a self discovery story (it kind of was but not entirely) it was more focused on the complicated relationship between Mother and Daughter. I really enjoyed it though. There were wonderful things to learn and I appreciated the free spirited girl who didn't sing to birds but rather played in the dirt and shot a bow. Her family is also adorable, particularly her Father.

It was cute and funny and I still got teary eyed because it was tender. I loved the Scottish setting and the characters' accents. My favorite physical feature of Merida (the main character) was her wild red hair. It's fantastic! I also appreciated her boldness to not conform to something she wasn't ready for. She stands her own and is an independent soul which is satisfying to the max! "Get it girl!"

That hair!

So, is this a movie one I would want my kiddos to watch? Absolutely. Did you guys see this one? What did you think?

Happy !



Chad de Lisle said...

This film was a blast!

Haley said...

I loved her hair too! And the Scottish music and scenery was enchanting. I didn't, however, like her 'tude. Girls need to be nice their mommas!