Cake Stand

One of the most potent memories I have as a child was going to Dillard's to buy a crystal Cake Stand that my Mother picked out for her Birthday. It was me and my sister and my Dad had given us money to go buy it. I, like my Mother and Sister, love to bake. Though I am nowhere near my Mother's skill and talent, I love to do it.

I have wanted a nice cake stand for a long time now. I know what kind I want but have never ventured out to get it. There is something so enticing about a cake or pie or cupcakes kept neatly under a glass lid upon a great cake pedestal. I believe that I have such a fondness for cake stands because they remind me of my Mother. She uses her's all the time.

Upon my interest, I delved into the images of Pinterest to find some cake stands that were to my liking. And I found some, indeed!

Isn't this Pink Milk Glass dreamy?! I just love it.
I love the vibrant shade of this one. It would make any
dessert pop.
This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! So perfect for
cookies or cupcakes!
I love the scalloped-esq detail here. So lovely.
Neat mini tutorial of how to make your own!

I have known what cake stand I have wanted for years. A mint green one, of course.  I prefer the more milk glass look or "opaque" but would also be interested to see mint green glass options. So pretty, I just adore it. 

Now I feel a need to make pretty cupcakes.

Happy Tuesday!



Haley said...

We are so alike! For Christmas this year, I purchased a cake stand. I use that thing all the time! It's just a plain ol' white one. I love the Alice and Wonderland one you pinned, as well as the gorgeous scalloped one. Someday!

Jenny said...

The green one is the prettiest of the lot. I want one too! I have a cake stand, and one of my favorite things is to pile scones or muffins underneath the dome and then it's like I have a bakery.