Catch Up and Bully

I just wanted to throw up a quick "catch up" post. This weekend, as some already know, we were in Arizona for Chad's Grandmother's funeral. We left Friday night at 7 and drove 10 hours which meant we arrived Saturday morning at 5 am. I would love to say that we all slept soundly in the car but that would be a lie. Though Geddy did awesome, there was a 5 hour stretch from about 9pm-2am where he was wide awake. Luckily, he only cried for about an hour of it. We arrived exhausted and only slept a few hour after we arrived.

The service was beautiful and everyone shared amazing stories. Chad read a ridiculously awesome poem that he wrote for her. Unfortunately, that was the exact moment when Geddy decided to vomit all over Grumpa. I was literally undressing him (Geddy) at our seat as the poem was being read. He does this weird thing where he gags himself with his fingers. I think he is curious about his mouth.

After the Funeral Service, we, particularly Geddy, were completely exhausted so we went back to the house and put him down for a well deserved nap. The rest of the weekend we just hung out. Sunday came around and we prepared to drive home. Yes, we left Friday night and came home Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon, Jordy (my brother-in-law) proposed to his delightful girlfriend, Katie! So, I will have a new sister-in-law! de Lisle Females unite! Katie is so wonderful, especially during this trip. There were multiple times where she watched Geddy for us so Chad and I could catch our breath. We are forever grateful for her help. She was at my aid during the vomit fiasco during the funeral as well. What fun and welcome to the family! Haha. Same with Grumpa. He totally pulled through for us. Geddy is infatuated with Grumpa and constantly wants to play and be held by him. We were so grateful that he was there to help!

The drive home was much better. We left earlier so we arrived home at 2:30 am rather than 5. Chad drove the entire way (what a man!) while I entertained Geddy the best I could. There was one moment where I was singing the same three songs on rotation just to keep Geddy content. He actually did really well (for the most part). We had my iPad which I had downloaded the Fantastic Mr. Fox onto (I adore that movie). He loved it and so we watched it 3 times during the drive. It was the best way to entertain him. It actually put him to sleep a few times as well. By the end of this trip, we were spent. I think my body was freaking out because now I have a stupid cold. Man, it's been crazy around here.

Overall, Geddy did extremely well. He is such a happy kid and he does his best to be pleasant even when exhausted. I wish I was the same way :)

Onto something else. Yesterday, I watched an incredible documentary on Netflix called "Bully". It is a few years old so I am sure people already know about it but it was really awesome. It documents 5 different families' journey through severe child bullying at school. At moments, it's absolutely heart wrenching. Of course, I cried (this is not a surprise) because some of it was so hard to watch. I thought so many times "where are these bullies' parents?" sadly followed by the thought "I bet those bullies are being bullied at home". More infuriating is why can't the schools do more about it. Better yet, why WON'T they do more about it? Apparently, bullying has become a huge problem in U.S. schools which is so sad. I am glad that I watched this one. It was eye opening and it made me aware of the problem so that I can, hopefully, prevent my children experiencing anything similar.

If you haven't seen it, I suggest watching it (parent or not). It's eye opening and an important situation to be aware of. I could go on and on (which I already kinda did) but you just need to watch it.

Okay, that's all I have to say (it was a lot more than I thought!) I am going to take a nap and hopefully kick this little bug (my cold) in the butt.

Happy Wednesday!



Jon said...

I totally watched that at your house. It was sad.

Haley said...

I'm so glad you guys made it home safe and that the funeral was a sweet experience (minus the vomit).

I've never heard of "Bully." What an important issue to address. The thought of my girls being bullies/bullied makes my stomach churn. I know I should watch it, but I know it'll make me so sad.