Well, our Easter was a little different this year. We spent our day driving home from Arizona. This consisted of a meal on the road from McDonalds and entertaining a fussy little one. On Monday, when we arrived home, we did do a little celebration. It's tradition on the de Lisle's side to use new baseball hats instead of Easter Baskets to hold their candy. So, per tradition, we bought Chad a new hat and filled it with the requested candy (Reese's Eggs and Cadbury Eggs).

Pardon the ghetto cell phone pics. My camera wasn't with me. 

We had every intention to get Geddy his first baseball hat but the little dude's head is still too small! So we got a great runner up, books! It's also tradition to hide their Easter goodies and make them look for it. So, I hid them in our tiny little apartment. It was a short celebration but a fun one. Lot's of eating candy and more importantly the Savior's Resurrection!


Can I also point out the horrible Easter Basket I made Geddy? I refused to buy one because then I would have to find some place to store it which is NOT going to happen so I decided to make one. Every once in a while I can totally nail a craft but this one was a total fail. Ha!

This was me eating Cadbury Eggs at 7 am. Go me.

Hope you all had lovely Easters!

Happy Saturday!


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