Easy Squeezy

So, I am going to apologize right now for the short, easy, posts that have been put up here lately. To be really honest, our days have been filled with lots of moaning and crying and whining from the little one and so by the end of the day or during nap time, all I can do is throw something simple up and sit on the couch to catch my breath. We went to the Doctor yesterday morning but they don't know whats wrong with him either. They say everything looks good and if it persists for a total of 2 weeks, we should come back again. So frustrating.

Today actually started a little more pleasant but by lunch time, he was beside himself. So upset and doesn't want anything but the be held standing. I can't hold him on my lap while sitting, no sir. I don't mean to gripe, Geddy is my night and day. I would do anything for that little boy but I have been feeling slightly abused by him lately. So silly, right? But it's true, it really wears on you day after day. Oh well, his nose is less runny and his fever is not a problem so I am hopeful that we are headed to some happy, pleasant days. I am glad to be home with him regardless!

In the mean time, let me share something funny. I saw this on Pinterest and had a good laugh. It was one of those shoulder shake laughs where you may have drooled a little bit. This guy is just so pumped and I love that his response to such excitement is to eat a bowl of cereal (is that what he is doing?). Amazing. Absolutely incredible.


Hope you laughed at this one too :)

Happy Wednesday!


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Haley said...

That is hilarious! So random.

I'm sorry Geddy is fussy right now. Even when you love your children to pieces those difficult days are still, well, difficult. I'm sure this is just a temporary phase. These things usually are.