Family Day (A Bajillion Pictures)

Chad finished his finals for the semester last week (hooray!). He was so busy with work and school the past two weeks, so on Saturday we decided we would spend the afternoon as a family. The pup included! One of my favorite things about Utah are the beautiful mountains. If I ever move away, that is what I will miss most (after family and friends, of course). Since we got married and got a pup, we have loved going up the bike trail in Provo for a long canyon walk. Bobbie absolutely loves it and we do too. 

We packed up everything, camera included, and spent the afternoon in the fantastic weather (I am talking, like, 70 degrees). Geddy was a little annoyed that he had to be in his stroller going up and back but once we got to the park, he was in absolute heaven. It was such a fun time. Bobbie got to run around a bit without her leash, which she loves (she is very well behaved up there, surprisingly). Geddy also got to run free but was particularly fascinated by a locked electric box so he spent a lot of time trying to get over to it. Chad and I got to soak up some sun as well. Although, I got enough Sun to last me the rest of the month. We all know how I feel about that bright ol' Sun and the warmth it brings. Boo. 

I wish that Utah stayed this temperature all year round. 60-70 degrees is absolutely perfect. It felt so good to be out. As mentioned above, I brought my camera, therefore I took a disgusting amount of pictures (like 150 or so) and am posting some of them on here. A lot of them look alike but we don't take enough pictures of ourselves (Me and Chad). So we made up for it! Ha. 

Chad and our Lady Pup, Bobbie.
The beloved locked electric box. 
Fascinated by the dangling lock.
Our happy pup, relaxing in the cool grass.
Grateful for sunglasses because I am totally not wearing makeup. 
He was really into cuddling, you can tell.
An actual current picture of both of us. Shock!
So high! Almost gave me a heart attack.
Chad took this pic of my feet and I quite liked it.
This picture is really weird to me. I don't think it looks like me. Odd.
Tackling Daddy.
Indians Fan.
Our gorgeous Mountains! Love them.
This picture was entirely taken on accident but I loved it. 
Playing with Daddy under the blanket. Daddy is the fun one. My mother made
that quilt for my wedding. 
The best spouse ever.

That was our Saturday. I am sorry to vomit all these pictures on you. I know it's overkill but we don't document enough of our family time and I want to keep all of these memories. It was just a really good day. We were as happy as we appeared.

Happy Monday!



Jon said...

You two look like you should be in a toothpaste commercial.

Haley said...

I love the ending: "we were as happy as we appeared." That's what I love about your blog. You are so stinking authentic. It's awesome!