Gathered Thoughts at the End of the Week

*Sigh* I hope that little saying above is true. Today has been kinda rough. Geddy has a constant runny nose but no other symptoms. He is not very hungry which make me think we are doing some major teething? I pray the runny nose isn't allergies. I deal with allergies myself and it's awful. Really really really awful, I can't imagine having a child have them as well. He is grumpy, constantly throwing himself to the ground upset or arching his back because I won't let him take the butter out of the fridge and walk around with it. I don't know what to do. He doesn't understand what I am saying and I don't know what he is going through. Are these tantrums? Isn't he kind of young for that? How am I suppose to react with those?

Wednesday and Thursday were particularly great days. He wasn't all that great but I just had a real clear mind and tons of patience. Today was a let down because I am not feeling as chipper and his attitude persists. Also, we are weaning off of bottles. Today was the first day where we didn't do milk in a bottle (we always do juice or water in a sippy cup at meals) we put it in a sippy cup and he didn't love it. He drank it while he ate his snack but then he struggled to go down for a nap because everything felt weird. We are also only using his dippy (pacifier) during naps and bedtime. This week he hasn't been a huge fan of his dippy because his nose is so congested or snotty so he can't breath with a dippy in his mouth. So, I figured it would be a good time to restrict the dippy to only sleep.

Isn't it funny that right when you think every is under control and you make progress, something different pops up. I know that raising children will always have struggles. Just wait because the problem will turn into something else. Maybe something easier  Or harder? Who knows. It's all worth it, I know that it is but this is a hard phase for us. Geddy wants so badly to communicate. Even more so, I want to communicate. I want to explain why I won't let him pull the TV off the stand onto himself or why the butter must stay in the fridge. He doesn't understand why I am being so mean. I constantly feel like I am saying "no" that there isn't enough room to give praise. I want to tell him he is a good boy or to praise him but he is so active and gets into everything that the "no's" seem to outweigh the "hoorays".

So tell me, is a super runny nose a sign of teething? He never had that symptom with teething before so I just don't know. Is 15 months normal for such an upset toddler? Please advise :)

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

Abby was really difficult for about three weeks. She was constantly crying. It was so hard. She just wanted to be on my hip all day long. Then, things let up and, what do ya know, a couple of teeth cropped out! So I think she had sore gums and was unhappy.

Hang in there! It's just a phase.