I'd Rather Sleep Instead

I had every intention of writing a long, confusing, post about my thoughts and feelings (you know the ones) but after the worst sleep ever last night (stupid college hooligans) and losing Geddy's sippy cup twice in an hour (he hid them in the naughtiest places) I decided to skip the convoluted post and take a nap. Sorry dears. Here is some inspiration instead. I find this quote absolutely fascinating and it feels so personal. I love it

-Ira Glass. Found this gem here.

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

What a great quote! It has so many applications: motherhood, photography, writing, music, cooking, etc. I love that it says that the gap is NORMAL. Just because I love a good meal, does not mean all my meals will instantly be great. To some extent it just takes patience and work!