Let's Talk Eyebrows

I saw this online and loved it. Eyebrow shapes of old Hollywood actresses.
Awesome, totally want to hang this in my bathroom someday.

You have heard the saying "eyebrows are the frame of your face", right? Well, that is putting a lot of pressure on such a small section of hair, right? But for a good reason! The picture below is of Angelina Jolie with her eyebrows edited out. Pretty freaky, right? So, eyebrows help us look normal, got it.

My eyebrows and I have been through a bit of a battle my whole life. I look back at my second grade picture (Haley, you know the one) where I am wearing a hooded button down that is lookin' pretty gender neutral with jagged bangs and hair I did myself. My teeth are the size of chicklets, large, white, and so square. And my eyebrows. For a girl who had fairly light hair, that was sooooo scraggly and thin, sure had a whole lot of eyebrows. They were bushy and noticeable. Those are some unfortunate school pictures.

Anyway, I think I started plucking my eyebrows in maybe 8th grade? Could have been 7th. And of course, they got over plucked. Then I went through a daring phase in Jr. High where I would shave them (NOT all of them but instead of plucking the random hairs, I would try and shave them). This led to me once knicking my eyebrow leaving a bald spot that I had to fill in. That taught me a lesson.

Christina with a very thin brow. Very thin. 

Just like all trends, eyebrow styles change. They pretty much just get super thin and super thick and everywhere in between. I don't believe I have ever had perfect eyebrows. It's a tricky thing to achieve. Currently (the past two years or so), the big trend is to have full, luscious, brows. We're talking, like, the 80's (and many other eras). So, I should wish back my second grade eyebrows. I actually quite like the fuller brow. Some get pretty out of control but if done tastefully, they look nice. I feel like the fuller brows appear more natural and it's actually suppose make you look younger! So lets look at some famous ladies' brows, shall we?

Mary-Kate and Ashley (or vise versa, I dunno).
Their brows sometimes get out of control but this one is pretty tame.
The always beautiful, Rachel Weisz. 
Camilla Belle not only has full brows but very dark. Work it!
Fuzzy brows riddle the runways the past few years. 

As mentioned before, the full eyebrow look is obviously a repeat trend.

Of course, Elizabeth Taylor's. 
Sophia Loren rocked her full arched brows back in the day.

There it is, the full brow. Will you be embracing this natural, sometimes whacky, trend? Would you fill in your eyebrows to achieve this look?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. I realize it's been a while since I took pictures with my camera and put them up so I will do it soon, I swear it!

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Haley said...

One day (not long ago), I was staring at my face. I stared long and hard. I came to the frightening realization that my eyebrows were ENTIRELY different shapes. Like, they could have belonged to two different people! That's what happens when you tweeze your eyebrows while your children are at your ankles. I need a serious eyebrow intervention. P.S. I prefer the fuller brow to the thin.