The Norm

Every now and then, it's fun to do something spontaneous. It makes you feel like a kid again which is nice when you're living the rest of your life as an adult. Last night, we decided it would be fun to watch the baseball game in our living room...with our bed. Chad moved our king size mattress into the living room. It barely fit but it was super fun and relaxing. When the game was over, it was after 11 pm and we were too tired so we slept in the living room! What?! Aren't we crazy? Ha. 

When Geddy woke up this morning, he was more than thrilled to see the fun surprise in the living room. There were squeals and giggles as he climbed onto the bed. We spent all morning playing and reading books on the big bed. Bobbie hated every minute of it because it was out of her norm. Ha, silly lady pup. 

Geddy is back to his normal self. Thank Heaven! Poor little dude was a mess the past two weeks. He is happy and smiley and just content. Geddy finally has an appetite again as well, which is a hug relief! He still loves being outside and walking all by himself. Geddy has now identified doggies and the noise they make. That may sound minor but it's big to us. Our little dude is still using some signs for "milk" and "more" and "food".  He points at everything and we can usually understand what he wants. 

Geddy still prefers electronics over most toys. He would much rather play with cords and controllers over blocks and stuffed animals. He loves anything with a lid. He likes to take it off and put it back on. He does however love a good cuddle with a teddy bear or Wookie. Geddy still sleeps like an absolute dream. 12 hours at night and a nap each day. The past 3 days he has slept for nearly 3 hours during his naps! Geddy is a very happy but an extremely active boy. When he is awake he is constantly moving. He doesn't stop. But once he crashes, he is out for the night. 

Proof that he has hair!

Our little dude's personality is in full swing. Because he hasn't started speaking yet, he communicates with grunts and yells. If he wants something really bad, he will yell so hard that his face will turn red and his fists will shake. He is passionate. It's a very guttural yell. He is all boy too. Everything he does is with such a little "dude" attitude. Even though he is our tiny man, he really likes to give loves as well. He will give kisses (if you catch him in the right mood) and will stop everything to come and tackle you with hugs. Little dude has a pretty cuddly streak in him. 

We have officially weaned bottles except for bedtime. He uses sippy cups for everything unless we are going to bed. We will hang on to that one for just a little longer. As far as his dippy (pacifier) goes, we have still been using it. I tried taking it away but he was so sick for those 2 weeks that I totally caved and let him have it. We will start working on it again soon but I want to get back into the swing of things. Now that he is feeling well though, he doesn't want it during the day so we are pretty much just using it for nap and bedtime. 

Mid-guttural yell because he wanted the camera.
Bobbie didn't hate it THAT bad.

This little dude wears us out but we often sit in wonder as to what we created. So Sci-Fi. Geddy still loves his Daddy like crazy but needs his Mama too. Bobbie has done a really great job at adapting to his wiggles and they have even played with each other a bit. Though Bobbie is a sassy and nervous dog, we are so proud of how she has changed for her little brother. She really deserves some credit. 

Happy Tuesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I'm so glad you took pictures of this-- it's going to be such a funny memory to look back on. I seriously slept better than I have in weeks out there in the front room.

Haley said...

That is hilarious. I wish I could have snuggled right up with you two to watch the game. There is enough room in a king size bed, right? Also, I love Geddy's wild tufts of hair. They're so perfectly platinum. :)