We've Created A Monster

When Chad and I planned to have children, we always hoped they would be avid readers. That they could enjoy it and use their imaginations to make the things they read come to life in their minds. So, when Geddy was born, we made books a priority. I read to Geddy every morning, it's just part of our day. I let him choose 5 the books and we sit down together and read them.

Geddy enjoys books so much that it's become a little bit of a problem. He never wants the reading to end. So, after I read a book to him, I have to hide it. Usually that means under the couch or behind a couch cushion. If I don't hide them, then we read the same books on a vicious loop.

One of our favorite hiding spots, under the couch.
Sneaky spot behind the cushion.

We keep Geddy's books on one shelf that he can reach. These are books we can read to him or he can pull off the shelves and flip through himself. Throughout the day, he may get bored and grab a book and bring it to you so that you can read it. It's charming at first but it's never just one book. After reading so many books, it becomes tiring. Hence the "hide a book" trick. At the end of the day, as Chad gives Geddy a bath, I always tidy up the apartment. Part of that "tidying" is looking behind, under, and on the couch for any hidden books and putting them back on the shelf so we can start again tomorrow.

Geddy's shelf! 
Some of Little Dude's current favorites.

I thought this was such a peculiar practice that I wanted to document it so it would never be forgotten. I still love reading to my little dude and am thrilled he has become so fond of books but sometimes we need a break. Too much of a good thing, aye?

Happy Friday!



jordybomb said...

Looks like Geddy and I are on the same reading level. Pretty neat!

Haley said...

I love that llama llama book! Now whenever Izzy is gearing up to throw a fit, I just say, "llama llama mad at mama!" and she laughs.