A Motto and Star Trek Into Darkness

This post is a little wobbly because it's poorly constructed and random. But, that's okay!

First off, this is amazing. Perfect motto to live by. Found it on Pinterest and it made me smile.

Secondly, Chad and I got to see Star Trek Into Darkness on Monday. We have highly anticipated this movie for a few reason. 1) we loved the first one 2) we couldn't wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch as the bad guy. And he did not disappoint! He did a great job, I was very satisfied. Infact, all the main characters did a good job. I really like Chris Pine as Capt. Kirk, I think he is spirited and snarky enough to be likable but it's not overkill. Of course, Zachary Quinto nailed it as Spock and Carl Urban and Simon Pegg were a perfect Bones and Scotty. The story was pretty decent, I think the actors carried the movie though.

Now I want to watch Sherlock again. 

Now here is my "Cons" section of this quick review. With this series, I feel like I am waiting for a real strong female character (cue Feminist rant). Uhura is smart and bright enough but it's still lacking a bit. I like her but when will they have a girl not in a skirt who can hold her own or be in charge of something? Or maybe a female villain that isn't sexualized? That would be interesting. Then there was a new chick, Carol (Alice Eve) that was subpar. She was just "meh". And of course, they have a useless shot of her in her underwear. It didn't have anything to do with the story and didn't really even flow with the scene. It was there just for kicks and giggles (eye roll).

Overall, I really enjoyed it. If you loved the first one, I am confident you will enjoy this one too. I look forward to watching this movie again.

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I completely agree about Alice Eve-- gratuitous eye candy, nothing more.

Haley said...

I have been really excited to see this movie, mostly because of Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm happy to hear that he did not disappoint. Heaven knows he can do the dark and twisted thing. :)