A Post About Absolutely Nothing

This afternoon was intended for a nap, obvi. But, I awoke this morning with a headache behind my right eye (the worst) so I took headache meds that had caffeine in them. Which, unfortunately, led to a restless napping session, and ended with a blogging "sesh" instead. Oh well, I will sleep when I am dead, right?

Everyday I read my Google Reader  (which is soon going away, *tear*) and I find so much beauty and inspiration there. I love the creativity of so many bloggers and all the beautiful things they post. As much as I complain about the "perfectness" and lack of reality that some bloggers portray, I do relish in a lot of it's beauty and creativity. How fantastic is creating something? Whether it be food, literature, a child, interior design, there is something so satisfying in creating. It just makes me happy.

One post that I read today and absolutely LOVED was by Jen from JenLovesKev (one of my favorite daily reads). It was all about the difference of parenting between your first child and second child. It actually provided a lot of hope and made me excited to potentially have another child (in like a billion years). You should seriously read it, go here for the specific article. Was there a significant difference with your first and second child (as far as parenting goes)? I would love to hear, tell me!

I have had a lot on my mind lately. Different things really; parenting, blogging, getting healthy, projects that I want to start but don't know where to begin. Every now and then, I am proud of myself. Does that ever happen to you? In fact, I was looking at my Pinterest Boards and seeing the different things that I have liked and pinned and thought "You know what? I am a pretty cool kid". I remember one of the best compliments I ever received was from a corky college professor I had. She taught Ancient World History and I don't even remember her name but she was over the age of 50 with long wild gray curly hair, wore short skirts with high top converse, intense eyes, and was polytheistic (did I say that right? Apologies if I didn't). I remember I turned in my final to her (which I totally bombed, by the way) and she looked me in the eyes with her usual intense expression and said "You are a fascinating person, I loved having you in my class". I was blown away, I remember leaving and feeling so proud. Although she and I were different in some ways, we saw the value of the other person. She is actually the person who made me love the band Nirvana (soon after this class I met my future husband and we had one of our first connections over Kurt Cobain's published journals. Love was in the air). This lady was neat, I tell you.

I hope I am always a fascinating person. Sometimes I get stuck in the idea that I am "just" a Mom (which is a big deal in itself) but I am intelligent and interesting too. I also forget that our outside appearances aren't the only things that make us appealing. How many times have you talked to someone beautiful only to find a dull interior. It's beautiful to be unique. We should bask in our differences and be proud of who we are. This is something that I am constantly learning as I get older. And it's one of my favorite lessons but one that I struggle with the most.

This post was random and unorganized but these are sometimes my favorite. They are authentic and just my thoughts tripping out of my brain.

Happy Thursday!


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