Are You My Mother?

Mother's Day is upon us. This is such a special day for everyone. Whether you are a Mother, have a Mother, or know a Mother, it is a day that we all celebrate. I feel like almost all of my posts are about being a Mother, you are probably so sick of it (and I can't blame you!)! So, I wanted to keep my thoughts really brief and leave a few wonderful quotes that will give you warm fuzzies.

First of all, I was blessed with a beautiful, courageous, graceful, mother. She inspires me daily to be patient and loving with my son but to also stand up for what I know is right. My Mother has a quiet strength that would never waiver. I also have a spectacular Mother-in-Law! I am so grateful to have both these Mamas in my life as I raise my children. So blessed.

Sooooo true. Holy crap.

I fear that I don't proclaim my love of Motherhood enough. In fact, I know that I don't. So I will dedicate this post to shout it on the mountain top. I love being a Mama! I love that I have slumped around in my jammies for days and have stretch marks. This sounds sarcastic but it's true. I have gone through one of the most challenging transitions and came out the other side in one piece. It's my proudest accomplishment, EVER. I love his sticky little fingers and the "humpy" hugs that he gives. I love that I worry about him constantly and seeing his tiny butt cheeks in the tub. Being a Mother is an honor and I feel so blessed. I am a much better person because of Motherhood.

This made me chuckle. It's so true. 

Happy Mother's Day. It is a special day indeed so go celebrate it.

Happy Sunday!


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Haley said...

You are such a great mama. You do a good job of relishing each of Geddy's stages and quirks. I admire the way you soak it all up. It inspires me to be more present in my motherhood.