Hello, hey, hi. Hilary here. As I mentioned before, I have been so distracted with daily life lately that my blog was put on a back burner. All with good and grand things though! We are very happy and healthy here. I will say that I feel like part of my is missing and it's because I haven't been able to write! But I am here now and wanted to do a quick update for you and throw some quick pictures up (some may have already seen them) of our life lately.


Reading: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Isn't that awful!? Well, I do read tons of kids books each day and other blogs but I am not reading any specific books currently. I should start a new one soon.

He loves the swings now.
Young Chad. Looks so much like Geddy. 

Watching: Kitchen Nightmares again. I love that show. Gordon Ramsay is the man. And I just love food.

At a restaurant in a Thor T-shirt and no makeup. That sums me up.

Thinking About: How grateful I am for family. I get to see my sis here in a couple of weeks (she has been living in North Carolina but is coming to visit). I can not wait! There will be giggling and baking and happiness when she comes. I am also so grateful for Geddy's Grandparents. Today is my Father's birthday and I got to call him. My Paren't are serving in Virginia on an LDS Mission so I don't get to see them right now. It was so wonderful to talk to him, he misses Geddy so much and can't wait to see him in the next year or so. I am also so grateful for Chad's parents. They are stellar people who I love. They have been so good to take an extra load while my folks are away. They babysit all the time (they are probably sick of us) and dote on Geddy so he knows that he is loved even more. They have done a lot for our little family and I can't thank them enough.

On of my all time favorite pics of Grumpa and Geddy. 
He LOVES blanket forts.

Eating: Tuna Melts. Oh my gosh, you guys, I am obsessed. Everyday for lunch, I make one with an apple on the side and it's so good. Also, Teddy Grahams. I made the foolish mistake of buying Teddy Grahams for Geddy and I ate literally half the box. Then guess what? I bought them again the following week! They are just so freaking good, I can't stand it!

His long fuzzy curls. 

Loving: Watching Geddy try to communicate with us. I mentioned before that he has learned some of the signs for words. Lately he has been getting them so confused. Haha, he will say cracker and be doing the sign for milk. It's cute and we work around it but it's exciting to see hime try. Also, several times a day, Geddy will stop and take a moment to think and then turn to me and ask "Dada?" as he waves. He knows that Chad has gone to work and talks about it ALL day. It's pretty dang charming. I am also loving the fact that my brother-in-law, Aj, got his mission call to...UGANDA. We were all so shocked and thrilled for him. That kid is an inspiration, he has worked so hard to get where he is and I am so impressed and proud. Love that nerd.

I ran a 5k! I was really happy I did it. 

There you have it. That is what is happening lately in our little home!

Happy Monday!


P.S. Sorry about any typos, Geddy woke up from his nap early!

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Haley said...

I love Geddy's fuzzy curls! Abby has the exact same ones in that same sunny blonde shade. I cannot wait to snuggle that boy, and then have him try to violently fight his way out of my clutches.