In Another Life

I take a lot of inspiration from other Bloggers. I love seeing what other people create and how they live their life. It's so interesting. Sometimes it makes me compare myself to them but more often I am inspired by our differences.

Have you ever thought about what you would be like in a different life? I totally have. Not in a way that makes me unhappy about my own situation but just in the way where I think I could live so many different lives. Sometimes I think I could have been like the girls from A Beautiful Mess. Just two sisters running their own shop, cooking and creating all day. Amazing! Or like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. She is a modernized, younger, Martha Stewart who can cook, style, and create like it's nobody's business. There is something so inspiring about these young women who are starting business' and carrying there own.

In another life, I think I would have lots of tattoos. It's true! I actually love tattoos but because of my beliefs, I have chosen not to get any. But often, I marvel at what those artists can create. In another life I would have 3 tattoos for sure. I would have a tattoo on my wedding finger instead of a wedding ring. I would have this picture of my Dad when he was young tattooed on my shoulder (he would kill me!) and then I would get a huge Valkyrie Warrior tattooed on my thigh. Like a big one. But that was not meant for me in this life and that's okay. It's a choice I have made and I am happy with it.

In another life, I marry when I am much older and run a dog rescue. I find good homes for abused animals. I never wear makeup (wait, that's real life) and I live on multiple acres with my husband and a million adopted animals. We grow old there and live an incredibly simple but fulfilling life.

But in this life, I have chosen to be a stay at home Mama and Wife. I spend every waking moment with a talkative little dude who has such a love for life. He inspires me to bask in the beauty outside and become more curious. He encourages me to reach out to things that I am afraid of, to step out of my comfort zone. This is where I have ended up and I couldn't be more grateful because it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Motherhood has been one of the truest tests of character and I hope I am getting better each day. And being a wife to a Man that allows me to be my quirky self is so freeing. Chad is my best friend. And he likes me for me. I can't thank him enough.

It's funny where life takes us, isn't it? The one thing I have learned is that things will rarely go as planned but it's usually for the best. It reminds me of this quote,  it's just perfect.

And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is where I need to be.

Happy Thursday!



Haley said...

You crack me up!! A valkyrie warrior tattoo? Who says that? Oh man, I love how authentic you are! This post just had me smiling. You're fabulous. I'm totally stealing this post idea for my blog.

SJ B said...

So true! There are so many inspiring Blogs out there! I love checking them out! Yours is great :)
SJ- www.fashinny.blogspot.com