Too Much Fun and Shoe of the Day

Remember when you were little and you had just come home from the best sleepover with your best friend? Of course you stayed up late and ate a ton of junk so you are grumpy which gives your parents the right to say "that's why we don't have sleepovers". I know I am not the only one who heard that as a child. Well, this weekend was similar for us here in the de Lisle home. We had such a fun packed weekend, that I now have a sore throat and am as grumpy as ever. It's bad. I made no bake cookies and ate them for breakfast this morning. Yikes. Chad and I looked at each other multiple times the last few days and said "This is why we don't have late nights".

But this weekend consisted of lots of baby/Daddy time. We got Chad a new suit (praise the heavens! He desperately needed new Sunday attire. I am talking DESPERATE), played tennis, met my Sister-in-Law to be's charming family (and Geddy played on their trampoline, he was in heaven), and ate an obscene amount of delicious food. So, it really was a wonderful time but it was just too much fun.

Moving on, today has a shoe of the day! It's been a while. Or has it? I honestly don't remember but lets talk shoes. So, I have been on the hunt for some nice sandals for Geddy boy. He doesn't own a pair and I am getting sick of putting on socks and tying laces. Now, me being the weirdo that I am, I am very particular about what I will allow to be put on this boy's foot. I am a shoe person, a shoe says a lot about you! So, there were a few things that I refused. Nothing too sweet, too athletic, or too "plastic/rubbery".  Let's review what I am talking about, shall we?

Too Sweet.

So, everyone has probably seen the classic and ever so sweet, Salt Water Sandals that have become super popular. I really don't have anything against these and think they are a classic leather styled sandal, which is quite nice but I cannot bring myself to get a pair for Geddy. I really have considered it but every time I start to furrow my brow and shake my head. I think these are a perfect pair for girls and other people's boys but just not my Geddy.

Too Athletic.

Oh Tevas...you have stunted many a nerd's fashion sense. Let's be honest, these aren't just for nerds, I just happen to know a lot of nerds who have worn them with dirty toenails or socks to church. Nooooooo. Unless you are in the action of hiking a Mountain or in a river, these should stay in the garage. Period.

Too Rubbery.

I can't do the Crocs thing. I understand that these are crazy convenient but I just don't think it's worth it. I feel like Crocs are only appropriate for Gardening. But only if you Garden in Khaki pants like Martha Stewart. Just watch, when I have several kids and don't have the time to care so frivolously about what sandals they are wearing, they will all be in crocs. In fact, they probably stay on their feet better than the options  I am choosing but...alas, it's not gonna happen this year.

Now, the option that I found and liked is probably going to make a majority of you laugh because they may seem just as bad as the selection above. We are all too familiar with Birkenstocks, right? The sandal often worn with thick socks. Well, I feel as if the pair that I liked best are inspired by the hippy trippy Birkenstocks.

Birkenstocks with Socks. Tell me that doesn't look comfy.

I found Geddy's pair at Target for like $12 or something and they are definitely Birkenstock-esq. Ultimately, I don't think these are perfect but to me, they seemed like the lesser of all the evils in boys' sandals. Seriously, why doesn't someone improve the selection of sandals for boys? They had a million Girl sandal options (some were pretty bad) but they literally had like 5 options for little dudes. Even online! If you think about it, Mother's are usually the one's dressing their kids and being a Mother who loves style and is a Mother of a boy, why not give me more options? I would probably buy more. Just sayin'.

I thought they were still pretty cute.

And let's be honest, when I am old with long gray hair and wear tons of silver/turquoise jewelry and long flowy skirts, it's super likely that I will be wearing some knobby socks with a pair of Birkenstocks underneath.

There you have it! Are there certain styles or things that you refuse to buy for your kids? I would love to hear!

Happy Tuesday!



Heidi said...

This made me laugh. I hate the "too sweet" sandals. I think I have been handed down a pair or two, but never could put my boys in them. I actually love the Crocs for my lityle boys, but I am a comfort and convenience girl. I always said I would never have my boys wear the character sneakers, but once they were old enough to pick out their shoes, that is what they wanted. Love the ones you found.

Jenny said...

I love saltwater sandals for little girls...but on little boys? I have a grown-up sized pair for me; I'm definitely not buying any for L (although I really want red ones for P). I thought that I hated Crocs until it turns out that they are super durable, fast to put on (L puts on his own), and don't get ruined when my children escape into a puddle. I have these for L: http://www.striderite.com/store/SiteController/striderite/productdetails?stockNumber=C12837NAVP&showDefaultOption=true&skuId=***8*****C12837NAVP*M120&productId=8-139294&searched=true, which I feel like look a little less weirdly rubber. I have my list of "ideal" children's clothing styles, but the reality of availability, cost, kids' preference, and gifts/hand-me-downs that means that I worry more about whether their clothes are clean and stain-free than if I like them (sad but true). One exception: I make every effort possible to avoid dressing L in orange, because it is GHASTLY with his hair.

Haley said...

Are the first pair really boy sandals? When I first saw the photo I thought they were sandals you bought for yourself. Ha ha.

I have broken all the rules. My girls have rubbery shoes, way too many princess shoes, etc. Oh well, shoes aren't my specialty anyway.

I love Geddy's pair.