Up Too Early

Geddy woke up an hour early this morning, which means we were up at 6:30am. I am a firm believer that nothing good happens before 7:30am. By the time 8:30am hit, we had already eaten breakfast and been to the park. He was being supert charming at the park though, the lighting was perfect which makes me sad that I didn't have my camera. There is this tiny little hill at our park and he spent a good five minutes running up and down it. He stumbled a few times but got back up like a big boy. And no one else was there (because it was too dang early!), which was nice. I could tell, however, this was going to be the longest day ever. Little Dude is now taking a really weird early nap which I hope will be super long. Fingers crossed. He was definitely ready for it, Mr. Grumps.

On a different note, one of Geddy's favorite things to do ever, is watch videos of himself. I have a couple videos of him when he was younger, like 9 months old and whenever he sees my phone, he wants to watch them. A little conceited, perhaps? When he watches them he is focused and very serious. I thought I would document it.

This is going to look like the same picture from different angles. Annoying, right?

Lips pursed, so focused.
Those cheeks.

Here he is watching a video of himself eating at 9 months old. 

Well, this Mama is now going to nap.

Happy Friday!



Haley said...

Early mornings are always hard. Although the definition of "early" is very relative in this case. Sleeping until 7:30? Izzy does that maybe once a month, MAYBE.

Jenny said...

I am not a morning person. When my kids get up before 7:30, I usually woops) say some not-so-kid-friendly words. Seriously, early-risers are the worst. I hope Geddy naps like a champ for you!

Christina Thorup said...

This was so adorable!!

Christina xx