What I Think of the Park and Shoes of the Day

Chad had to work late yesterday so I needed a fun activity that I could do with Geddy for a while, just to use up some of the time in the day. I decided to take him on a little picnic at the park. I was smart and kept him in his stroller while he ate. Here is my thing, I know that the park is a great place for children to get their wiggles out but when I go to the park, I feel like I am herding a very angry cat. It's almost like Mama is getting her wiggles out while the toddler is just being fueled. Geddy is a wonderful, social, spirited, active, boy. Because he has such a hearty soul, he wants to be around ALL the people and nothing to do with Mama. He will never walk in the same direction with me. He is just trying to get away!

Out little picnic date.

Little Dude is incredibly social, has been from the beginning. That means when we go to the park he doesn't want to play on the toys or swing he wants to get really close to all the children (even crying ones) and scream in their face with excitement. He is just so happy to see everybody! All the parents are so sweet and honestly, it doesn't bother me that he wants to be close to children, that's cute and endearing. However, when he wants to go to the edge of the parking lot where the suspicious two gentlemen, who drove separately but were purposely meeting each other there only to sit in one of their cars to "talk", it's a little frustrating (and scary). Or when he wants to visit the far too affectionate couple cuddling under a tree. OR when he wants to play with the teenage brother and sister who are practicing their batting with a metal bat. 

Geddy's cool Marvel shirt.

Our time at the park turns into Mama chasing the boy and trying to redirect him. Here is the thing, when you redirect him (even if you carry him halfway across the park to distract him) he will immediately turn back around and proceed with his original plan. He almost takes it as a challenge. Let me tell you, this kid has heart! 

The end of tantrum numero uno. He threw himself on the grass.

By the end of our park experience, he is usually yelling/crying as I carry him like a big barrel of ale to the car. Covered in dirt (because staying clean is for fools) and clenching a new rock or stick. Honestly, I am not really that upset or frustrated, in the moment I was but I know he is just a healthy little boy and he deserves to act that way. I always end with "why do we ever go to the park?" but ultimately, I know he loves it and we will never stop. This post was mostly just light hearted...mostly :) I am assuming that it will get better with age but do any other parents feel like this? Like the park is more exhausting than enjoyable?

How we look after the park. Snot, tears, and dirt. Poor kid. 
How Mama feels after the park. Frazzled and warm. 

ANYWAY...for Mother's Day, I wanted to get Geddy some new moccasins. Funny how that works, you want to get your child something for YOUR gift. I have so loved his other Moccs that we went ahead and got the same brand, Minnetonka, but a different color and style. This time we went with RED. I adore these. They are a bit tricky to get on but man do they add a fun pop. I am all about the soft soled shoes too (unless it's wet or snowy). Geddy likes them a lot as well. 

AND...another shoe of the day. What?! Too good to be true. So, as an adult, I have always had issues with flip flops. They just aren't my thing. I usually feel like they are too casual or that they don't stay on my feet. I am just not that into them unless I am at a pool, lake, or beach. This summer, I was looking for a super low-key sandal/flip flop that I could sport casually. I found these for $16.99 at Target and thought I would give them a whirl. They are INCREDIBLE. I absolutely love them. They have officially replaced flip flops in my closet which I am 100% okay with. They are comfy and decent quality, especially for the price, and they go great with skirts, jeans, shorts, you name it! I have gone on walks while wearing them, grocery shopping, all over the town. Really great purchase, I love them so much, I am thinking about going back and getting another pair in a different color. You should check them out!

Happy Friday!


P.S. Just recently, I have noticed Geddy doing an entirely new facial expression. It's a big boy expression, serious and calm. It's going to seem like a normal expression but it's not. His mouth is perfectly closed and you can tell he is thinking. I don't know why but it gets to me every time. I will even try to talk to him when he does it (it's when he is focused) and it's like he can't hear me. Really funny.  

His big boy face.

P.P.S. Little dude loves my necklaces. I only let him play with specific ones because I know they will likely end up broken. Yesterday, he put one on and it ended up like a bandoleer. He wore it like that for a good 5 minutes. It was so stinkin' cute.

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Haley said...

A big barrel of ale, ha ha! I know the exact hold. I have to use it on Abby often - usually at church.