Whirlwind of a Week

My goodness things have been crazy around here! I caught a stupid little head cold. SO annoying. And that means I went grocery shopping in my sweats (which I try really hard not to do). Oh well, you win some you lose some. The fact that I got the grocery shopping done however, was a total win.

I finally got new running shoes. I LOVE them. 

On Tuesday, my new Sister-in-Law (they get married in less than a week!) got to go through the Temple for the first time. We were SO lucky to be able to go and enjoy the session with them at the Salt Lake Temple. To say that it was special would be an understatement. It was also so wonderful to be able to return to the place where Chad and I were married. It brought an overwhelming amount of tender feelings. I sure do love that guy.

It was a rainy day and the lighting was beautiful. Pic from my Phone. 

We have been getting better at the whole Park thing. On days where I am home all day, we always make the time to go to the park, just he and I. We go out for walks everyday with our Pup but I try and make a special effort to go to a park where Geddy can actually get down and play. He is a huge fan of the swings now. That's usually all he wants to do.

Geddy doing some early morning Park Yelling. Funny little dude.

The next two weeks will continue to be chaos but in such a good way. My Brother-in-Law Aj is going through the Temple on Tuesday for the first time. Then on Wednesday my other Brother-in-Law Jordy gets married to his wonderful sweetheart, Kate, at the Salt Lake Temple. We are so excited to attend both of them and are hugely grateful to the people that are willing to babysit for us. What a special week for the de Lisle's. I am so proud of my Brother-in-Laws. In fact, I better not talk about it too much because my eyes are starting to water. Crap, I love them so much (as I fan my watering eyes). My big sissy also comes in town with her family and will be in town for a week and a half which means lots of laughing and play. I am SO excited. So, our goal is to get healthy and stay on some decent kind of sleep schedule so we can participate in all the fun things.

Next! This is random but may be helpful to some of you. I always loved my Google Reader but as many know, they are discontinuing the service :( So, I have been looking for another site that would be able to organize all the blogs I follow. Chad found a site called Feedly.com that I love! It allows you to connect to your google account and will transfer all the sites that you follow into it automatically, which makes it SO easy. Plus, it's free! It works almost the exact same way as the old Reader but is nicer. They also have the app for your Phone or iPad (I use it on my computer, phone, and iPad!). So, if you are looking for something to replace your Reader, try that. (I was in no way paid to endorse this, it's just awesome enough to blog about it).

Happy Friday!



Kami Burgess said...

HIlary just love your cute blog!

Haley said...

You do have a busy week! Get over your cold quick so you are ready to party! I love your running shoes by the way. Bright running shoes are such a great way to go.