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I completely dropped the ball this week as far as blogging. Yikes. I have just been so distracted. I feel like we have been on the go all day but in a really great way. All these little distractions have actually been incredibly positive. I have been focusing on making our day worth while. Trying to do more one on one play time and being outside, just focusing on being the best Mom I can be. Geddy and I have been communicating better. He is starting to say Mama, Dada, Cracker, Dog, Hi (all with signs and noises). He still knows the sign for Milk like it's nobody's business.

Even those few little words seem like such huge accomplishements. And I can tell it's a relief for Geddy, he is less frustrated. We have been playing at parks and trying really hard to get out each day and it has helped immensely. I feel bad because I fear that I complain about my little dude. He really is my world. And he is such a pleasant, happy, individual. I have strangers say "he is so happy" all the time and truthfully, he is. He is happy to be alive and has a passion for life already. It's hard for this Mama to keep up! A lady at the grocery store commented on how smiley he was and followed by asking "do you know what they say about babies who smile a lot?". I responded "no" and she replied "it's because they feel love at home, for reals, it's a proven fact". I don't know if what she said is an actual proven theory but it made me feel good. I hope that Geddy always feels just how much we love him. Because it's an overwhelming amount. What an incredible boy.

Chad and I of course celebrated Star Wars Day (May 4th "May the Fourth Be With You", get it?) by watching the old star wars movies. But we didn't just stop there (of course not) we actually watched all the new ones as well. Such a great story! Obviously, the old ones are significantly better but it was interesting to watch the new ones as well because I had completely forgotten what happened in them. We actually finished the last movie last night and we were sad it was over. We felt a little bit lost. I cannot WAIT for the 7th movie to come out. (Speaking of movies, who else is excited to see the new Star Trek movie?! I am PUMPED! Especially because Benedict Cumberbatch is in it. It's going to be amazing.)

That's about it, team. I have nothing more to say today. I will do a Mother's Day post, I am sure, so keep an eye out for that.

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

I don't think you complain about Geddy at all. You are oozing with love for that boy, but you keep your blog real. I love it! And I love Star Wars too ... except Hayden Christensen. He's the worst.