A Day On the Farm

While my Sister was in town, some of us got together and went to "Farm Country" at Thanksgiving Point. I knew Geddy would love it because he is quite fond of animals. On first arriving, I brought my stroller but then saw him wanting to play with all the other children so I took the stroller back to the car. After about 5 minutes of trying to redirect him from the street (which mean lots of fits on his behalf) I finally threw up my hands and got the stroller again. Having him in the stroller was definitely the way to go.

Geddy wouldn't sit down for the photo. He proceded to pet Abby on the head.
Geddy and Isaac strapped in their strollers!

We saw Chickens, Peacocks, Goats, Turkeys, Sheep, Cows, Llamas, and Horses. Little Dude really loved all of it. As I mentioned before, Geddy really likes animals and got a kick seeing all of them in real life. We also took a little carriage ride. By that point though, it was nap time so I was basically just wrestling him to stay seated. Then on the way home, he fell asleep. Oh well, it was a fun day regardless!

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

The farm was so fun. The kids sure had a ball together. Did anyone else come home feeling itchy? Something about having goats lick my fingers kind of gave me the willies.