A Good Night and A Post About Love

Last night was date night for us. Chad's Mother came to the rescue and kicked us out of the apartment so she could watch Geddy. Bless that woman! So Chad and I skipped along and got some pizza. Nothing fancy, just Pizza Factory but it hit the spot. We don't take a lot of time to eat so when it was over, we had time to do whatever. So we stared at each other blankly and tried to think of something to do.

It's funny, when you have a little one you complain about how you have no time for yourself, but then when you get that time to yourself, you don't know what to do with it. Am I right?

Impatiently waiting for my pizza. 

So, we decided to go to Wal-Mart (because we are classy like that). We had the best time though. We just walked through the media section and looked at all the cheap DVDs and picked out 10 movies but after 40 minutes, we only bought 1. We discussed video games and old movies that we loved.

We laughed like we did when we were first married. It was almost like we were dating again. We didn't have any stresses or interruptions, just the best of friends hanging out at Wal-Mart. And there was no rush. We just chilled.

It's funny how your relationship with your spouse develops. From the puppy dog love stage when you are first married and then the shi* hits the fan and your love matures. I love matured love. Is that boring?

I love the love where you can walk in on each other in the bathroom but it's all good. The love where you can read each other's thoughts and know when you have said something that crossed the line without them telling you. The love where you can feel fat and ugly but the other person thinks you are perfect. The matured love where you stick by their side, even when it gets ugly. It's decent love. It's friendship on a whole new level. It's an earned love.

Vomiting yet? I am so sorry, I hate mushy posts like this but sometimes you got to declare it. I wouldn't go back to that puppy dog love. We have come too far and developed too much to turn back. And I am happy to say that I still love that man I married, that best friend, even after the shi* hit the fan :)

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

gave me dawellies

Haley said...

You are the cutest. I love those magical conversations. They come out when I least expect them, like at Walmart. You two are so made for eachother!

Kate said...

This makes me excited! I mean I'm thoroughly enjoying newlywed, puppy dog love.. but I'm happy to know that it only gets better. Thanks for being great relationship role models for us. We love you.