Adventure Walks

I had another post planned for today but I decided to scrap that and document a really wonderful morning that we had. As I mentioned before,  I have had a rough time the last week or two with Motherhood frustration but I wanted to remember that simple and wonderful things happen even during a challenging time.

On days where we are home all day, I always try and make sure Geddy and I get a chance to go to the park. Today, I wanted to go to a different park than our usual (it's slightly further away) only to find that the sprinklers were on. How dumb was that? It was 9 am and they had the sprinklers running. Why not water the grass at night when no children would want to play on the playground. So stupid. So, I was annoyed, to say the least, but we decided to make the best of it. At this park they actually have a great path winding throughout the whole thing. So, I pulled Geddy out of his stroller and let him walk free.

My Little Wonder.

Now, my Little Dude is a free spirit. I am constantly redirecting him and trying to rangle him and sometimes, he just needs to adventure "on his own" (with Mama a few steps behind but hands off). He played under trees, dug mud out of the side walk cracks with his tiny fingers, play in the dirt, watched ants, all while I watched a few steps behind him. He needed to lead the way and have "yes" time. "Yes" you can get dirty and run in the grass and just adventure like a boy should.

It was such a positive experience for Geddy and myself. He was so happy and on the way home, he helped me push the stroller. I could tell that he felt like he was working hard and getting something done. What a treasure.

Love little dudes in Chuck Taylors.

While we were out, Geddy tripped and skinned his knees a little bit. The funny thing is, unlike most children who would want you to come to their aid and give loves when they are hurt, Geddy becomes enraged. He tripped and started crying a bit so I came over to him to console him but it just made him more angry. He tried hitting the sidewalk and then came over to me and tried to swat my leg. He gets so frustrated when he gets hurt like that. It happens often, he doesn't like being consoled. Does anyone else's kids do this? How do you help them when they are hurt?

Hope everyone else is having a charming day.

Happy Monday!



MOlson said...

Harlan used to prefer to kiss is own "owies" better. He liked to know I was near, if he needed me, but he was satisfied consoling himself.
Is Geddy confused by the pain?

Molly said...

I'm working at a summer camp, and it seems like a few of the kids don't want any consolation when something happens. It's odd! Maybe they're just independent, ha! I have to say though, those tiny chucks are too, too cute.


xo Molly